Content and SEO: Optimization from creation to conversion

Optimization from creation to conversion

By 2019, it is predicted that content marketing will become a $300-billion industry. However, this content will have limited value unless it is actually found by the right audience, optimized to achieve maximum impact and measured in relation to business results. Ensuring your content is search-engine-friendly and optimized across the buyer’s journey is critical to the success of both content and SEO teams.

Major search algorithm updates, such as Google’s Panda and Penguin, are focused on delivering users the highest-quality results and the most relevant content. Brands with a solid content marketing strategy — focused around people, process and technology — that also optimize for visibility across search engines are rewarded with increased search performance in the form of traffic, conversions and revenue.

A major challenge for many organizations is optimizing content for search during the content creation process and then replicating it, at scale, across large websites and content management systems. The solution lies in creating and developing content that is targeted, insightful and compelling for your audience.

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